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Successful 2021 No Limits Golf Outing Event Date: 10/3/2021

The No Limits SCI Recovery Foundation is grateful! A rainy start to our 5th Annual Elliot Feltner No Limits Golf Outing couldn't keep our hearty supporters away. The clouds parted and allowed for play. What an incredible afternoon. We would like to acknowledge The Cindy Shetterly Team. A generous surprise donation of $10,000 was gifted to No Limits. We are blown away. The reach of the donation will be felt by many with SCI. Thank you! Thank you golfers, sponsors, those who donated online or mailed checks to No Limits. Thank you to our volunteers who pitched in along with our No Limits Events Committee and board members who work hard behind the scenes. We appreciate each of you and the role you are playing in growing the success of our annual fundraiser, and in turn the No Limits SCI Recovery Foundation's mission to provide information, opportunities, and financial support to those with paralysis in the region. No Limits!

posted 10/6/2021