Who We Help

No Limits SCI Recovery Foundation helps individuals and families of injured youth face paralysis with compassion, and with financial assistance. Meet some of the people that No Limits has helped

Aidan Bishop


Aidan is the first pediatric patient the No Limits SCI Recovery Foundation has been able to aid. Injured in a car crash in 2019, Aidan spent three weeks in Dayton Children’s Hospital. He is an L4 complete level of injury. Working with his grandmother, we were able to fund the purchase of a Tempur-pedic Adjustable Bed and frame. Aidan through PT and OT at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and Daytons Children’s, has progressed from Lite Gait, to RGO’s Receptacle Pivotal Walking Braces with arm crutches, stander, walker and floor exercises. Aidan was recently accepted into a 90 day outpatient program with Victory Over Paralysis’s Kosair Charities Center for Pediatric Neurorecovery at the University of Louisville. Aidan has No Limits!

Dayton Children's Hospital Dayton, OH (PT/OT Activity based therapies)

Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Cincinnati, OH (PT/OT)

Kosair Charities Center for Pediatric Neurorecovery at U of L, Louisville KY

Amourah Bell

Amourah Bell came to the No Limits Foundation's attention via a United Way Wish List published in the newspaper. The sweet six year old was injured in a car accident at the tender age of 7 months. The traumatic brain injury she suffered left Amourah paralyzed and nonverbal. Two of Amourah's wishes were an IPad PRo for text-to-speech and a lift device. The No Limit's SCIRecovery Foundation helped to gift her the IPAD and partnered with 101 Mobility to secure a Liko Lift. It is through generous donations by our supporters that we are able to help the Bell Family with much needed technology. 

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

DV Gulley


The No Limits SCI Foundation’s third recipient is Adavion (DV) Gulley. Injured in 2019 while diving, DV is a C5 quadriplegic. No Limits has provided DV with assistive technology in his families home, and an adaptive gaming system. Allowing DV to connect with his friends, just like before. Frazier Rehab in Louisville KY, has played a large part in Adavion’s recovery. His progress has been seen in upper body strength which allows him to assist with self care, meals, and playing video games. Frazier Rehab PT/OT services have been instrumental in a forward thinking attitude for DV. The E-Stem and treadmill play a large part in boosting his overall confidence, post injury. His sneaker addiction, and sense of humor are in play. DV has No Limits!

Frazier Rehab in Louisville, KY (Activity based therapies)

Elliot Feltner


Elliot, a film editor/artist, had just turned 22 years old and graduated from the University of Cincinnati when he was seriously injured at the C6/7 level. Rear ended by an impaired driver at an excessive rate of speed, Elliot has spent the years since 2016, finding his path forward. No Limits SCI Recovery Foundation assisted Elliot in his rehabilitation, and recovery, both inpatient and out, at Craig Hospital in Denver, Co. where he began activity based physical therapies. Elliot then moved home and began participating in the Neuro Recovery Network at Frazier Rehab in Louisville, commuting three days a week. In 2018 he qualified for a groundbreaking phase one clinical trial for stem cells, at the University of California at San Diego. No Limits continued to fund Elliot’s activity based therapies at VIP Neuro Rehab, and ADAPT Movement, in San Diego. Back at home in NKY, Elliot has his new adapted van to assist him in independently navigating his new life. Elliot has joined a wheelchair tennis group in Blue Ash via the Cincinnati Tennis Foundation, and Five Season Sports. No Limits SCI Recovery Foundation just sponsored Elliot, and 16 other athletes at the 2020 Cincinnati Wheelchair Tennis Open. Elliot has No Limits! 

Craig Rehabilitation Hospital In/Outpatient Therapy, Englewood, CO. (Activity based therapies)

Frazier Rehab, Louisville, KY. (Neural Recovery Network)

Premier Physical Therapy, Blue Ash, OH (Activity based therapies)

Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital, Florence, KY (Aqua therapy, PT/OT)

VIP NeuroRehab, La Jolla, CA (Activity based therapies)

ADAPT Movement, Carlsbad, CA (Estim, activity based therapies)

Waves 4 All, Oceanside, CA (Adaptive surfing)

Cincinnati Tennis Association, Blue Ash, OH (Adaptive Tennis Program)

Perfect North Slopes, Lawrenceburg, IN (Adaptive skiing)