Fellow Non profits, and relevant businesses that the No Limits SCI Recovery Foundation has worked alongside to promote continued recovery in the SCI community.

101 Mobility

No Limits partnered with 101 Mobility Blue Ash on two donations for the Bell family. 101 Monility owners Cindy Bambauer and Moira Bonn work every day to deliver the best mobility and accessibility solutions for people who are faced with limited physical mobility and their caretakers that help them.


Wellness Programs in the Division of Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy at Cincinnati Children's. Committed to the ongoing health and wellness of the children we serve beyond just the therapy environment.


Cincinnati Tennis Foundation

The Cincinnati Tennis Foundation believes that tennis teaches invaluable life skills that should be accessible to all. Their mission is to collaborate with our community, dedicating time and resources to develop character and deliver tennis. The wheelchair tennis program kicked off in 2019. The foundation hosted 22 players in a $1,500 Prize Money Event. Clinics were also held. 


Lotsa Helping Hands

Lotsa Helping Hands is a forum set up by Valerie Saunders to schedule meals for the Feltner Family post injury. Craig Feltner has written a blog of updates since Elliots time in ICU, rehabbing in Denver at Craig Hospital, and during the stem cell implant and subsequent year spent in San Diego. Photos have been shared by Stefanie Feltner. By clicking the link and requesting to join the Lotsa Helping Hands Elliot Feltner group, you will have access to the thoughtfully written updates and insight into life as a newly spinal cord injured family.

May We Help

May We Help is a Cincinnati based nonprofit. Their mission is to design and create unique custom solutions for individuals with special needs.

Project Airtime

Project Airtime is a Nevada 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Draper, Utah. They take everyone paragliding. Individuals with spinal cord injuries are able to co-pilot their flight. Founded by Chris Santacroce is a full-time paragliding professional who after spending time in a wheelchair due to an accident decided to devote his life to taking everyone flying.


Warrior Momz

Warrior Momz is a closed group on facebook set up by Kay Ledson after her son's SCI. It is a forum for family members and caretakers to connect and learn from each other.

Whole Home

Providing home renovation & remodeling services for all stages of life. The Feltner family utilized Whole Home a division of People Working Cooperatively when they renovated an accesible bed and bathroom suite on the first floor of their home. Working with the contractor remotely during their stay at Craig Rehabilitation Hospital, to complete the changes needed for Elliot Feltner to come home into a universally designed space.